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A cutting-edge Russian artist has earned himself a comparison to Rembrandt.

Dmitry Gutov has made a name for himself as one of Russia’s leading modern art creators whose works have been featured in some of the world’s most trailblazing exhibitions.


Dmitry Gutov's works. Image from gridchinhall.ru

Gutov’s current exhibition – opened at the newly-born Gridchin Hall not far from Rublevka highway, which leads to a super-rich area close to Moscow – is yet further proof of his inexhaustible ambitions.

Previously inspired by figures as incompatible as Ludwig van Beethoven and Karl Marx, this time Gutov’s fallen under the spell of the iconic Dutch painter, Rembrandt.

His sculptures reproduce Rembrandt’s graphic drawings, only in metal.

The inventive Russian artist says he’s had Rembrandt on his mind for quite a while.

“There’s a forest not far from where I live in Moscow. In Soviet times, citizens of the surrounding houses used to illegally lay their hands on tiny parts of soil to make small vegetable gardens. In order to protect their poor crop, they would erect solid fences from old metal beds, balks, pieces of wire, mesh or tubes. All that stuff has gone to pieces since then, but at the same time it’s also gained style.”

The challenge when looking at Gutov’s artworks, however, is whether or not a Rembrandt drawing can be seen from his perspective.

Valeria Paikova, RT



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